If you went for just the relationships and community, you would get enough out of two12. But beyond that, there are real, practical, tactical business results that come from it. As a business owner, from an ROI perspective, you can say, ‘This is worth my time, my dollars, and my mindshare.'

Nate Checketts

CEO and Co-Founder of Rhone

two12 is a great investment of your time. If you just get one idea it can be 10× what you pay.

Tero Isokauppila

Founder & CEO of Four Sigmatic

You are really able to connect with people and have the kind of meaningful exchange you normally wouldn’t have at a larger event.

Jessica Bendinger

American Screenwriter and Novelist

You will find yourself in a room full of the greatest entrepreneurs you'll ever meet.

Mike Brown

Co-Founder of Palmares Energy

two12 was a rush of fresh ideas, incredible people and life-changing realizations.

Natasha Miller

Founder & CEO of Entire Productions

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