thousands apply

sixty-five attend

thousands apply

sixty-five attend

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At two12, we have 65 attendees and 65 personalized schedules. Your two12 experience is unlike any other event — or any other two12 attendee. We have a thorough interview and assessment process, which allows our team to understand your goals and frustrations. Then, we create your personalized schedule of mentors and networking opportunities.


Acceptance to two12 isn’t just about the event, it’s a gateway to an entire community of entrepreneurs and mentors. The small environment allows you to build real relationship through mentor sessions, shared meals, and thoughtfully designed off-site experiences. Stay connected through our private online group and yearly meet-ups.


Everything at two12 is designed around ROI. Our focus is building an experience that moves you and your business forward. Your experience is designed to put you face-to-face with the mentors who can help you take the next step, gain clarity, offer tactical advice, and help your business achieve its 212-degree boiling point.

World-Class Accommodations

It’s our job to make your experience an experience. That’s why there are no tiers or VIP upsells. When you attend two12, your investment includes first-class accommodations and meals. We take the time to find the best locations, activities, and meals to ensure that you feel your best and enjoy every moment of your time.